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We hate ticks, mosquitoes as much as you do...

Ecospray, is a locally owned and operated, family-run company. We started this business to protect our own family from ticks and start enjoying more time outdoors without the constant buzz of mosquitos. We now treat all of our clients like family and seek to provide exceptional service to enable them to enjoy their property all spring and summer long. 

We provide tick and mosquito control for both residential and commercial properties. We believe the most effective method for prevention and control is a seasonal treatment plan, typically resulting in a visit every month (4x visits per season). This approach enables us to stay ahead of the insect life cycle and maintain a barrier around your property, repelling unwanted ticks and mosquitos.


We also provide one time mosquito and tick spray applications for clients who are hosting one time events or are renting summer vacation spots for a short period of time. In addition we can provide a hybrid approach (natural and synthetic treatment) for more stubborn insect control or extremely wet/highly populated properties. Our aim is to use our all-natural treatments, but we know there is also a time and benefit in using a synthetic insecticide at times. Reach out to see what application we recommend for tick and mosquito spray in your backyard. 

At Ecospray, we provide a free quote for each client, based on the specific property size and natural elements (standing water, foliage density, etc). Pricing is also discounted when on a seasonal treatment plan versus a one time spray.

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See all of the most common questions and answers our clients have asked prior to hiring us. 

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