At EcoSpray, we love to be outside and believe it is healthy for all of us (adults included) in our technology driven world. However, mosquitoes, ticks, and other nuisance insects can get in the way of enjoying time outdoors. They can also carry many harmful diseases, which are growing at alarming rates.


Our founders, had a growing concern over these diseases as close friends and family members were infected by ticks & mosquito transmitted illnesses and they sought to find a way to naturally protect their own family and others.


Some of the potential risks are outlined below:

  • Mosquitoes can carry the West Nile Virus. A bite from an infected mosquito can cause infection, which can lead to serious illness. And, they are just plain annoying. 

  • Lyme disease is a potentially serious infection that a person or animal can get if bitten by an infected black-legged tick, also known as a deer tick. Unfortunately, most of the GTA and Simcoe, Muskoka District has some of the highest ricks factors, according to Ontario Public Health. See map here.


At EcoSpray, our mission is to make outdoor living safe  and enjoyable

without the use of harsh chemicals.


We only use 100% safe, and 100% natural products on your property. No harmful pesticides or chemicals, whatsoever. As a result, it is safe for kids, pets, bees, plants, and the environment. All we ask, is pets are kept inside during the application spray, due to their heightened sense of smell. 



We professionally treat your property with our natural tick and mosquito control spray at your home, cottage, business or special event/outdoor wedding location. We also perform one time spraying for real estate open houses and community events.

Contact us today for a quote, and start enjoying the outdoors this season.